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My Canadian Government

Apologies to all that follow this blog. The harvest does tend to consume one’s time.

I return to speak of something that lights a fire in my chest and puts an angry gleam in my eyes.

The Harper Government.

Yes, not the Canadian government, the HARPER Government. This man has encouraged, through his Conservative Party members that infest parliament, referring to the Canadian government as his government.

Recently, for you non-Canadians or apathetic citizens, the government has been at odds over what they call the Senate Scandal. Originally, it was a leaked expenditure report showing that a senator had been spending tens of thousands of dollars on personal travel and accomodations. It soon spread out to encompass two more senators.

Of course, the news informed us that we should be outraged. And outraged we were.

Abolish the senate! Fire the offending senators! Make them pay!

Then, apparently by order of Stephen Harper himself, one of the senators’ debts were partially payed using $90,000 from the federal government itself. The outrage ceased as confusion set in.

Didn’t that money come from the same fund from which this senator originally stole money?

Our other political parties, the New Democratic Party, Liberal, Bloc Quebecois, Green, and a few from independants, began to ask questions.

Why did you try and pay him off? What aren’t you telling Canada?

To which the Conservatives responded that this man did this without consent of the Prime Minister and has been dismissed! But he hadn’t been dismissed. He resigned. Forced? Voluntary? They will not tell us. But one thing is true now; the Conservatives want the senators all dismissed immediately. The only things standing in their way is due process and the other parties, now wary and distrustful. The senators themselves have begun to point fingers at the Prime Minister.

He told us we had done nothing wrong! He approved AND encouraged these expendiatures! We were assured that we were safe!

Harper, of course, declined to comment. The battle continues.

But does this battle have any hope of being won by the opposition? It seems not. You see, the Conservatives won the majority. What they say, goes. And what Harper says, his members do. If not, they find themselves replaced. Elections in the House of Commons go to the Conservatives every time, even if the opposition votes “Nay” unanimously.

Last week, Bill C-4 – Economic Action Plan 2013, Act No. 2 passed. This bill is what has become known as an omnibus bill. This means that the bill, handled as a single bill, is actually many smaller bills lumped into one. In this case, Bill C-4 makes 70 amendments. It ammends laws covering “taxation, employment insurance rules, economic immigration parameters, arbitration in the public sector, the Veterans Review and Appeal Board, and so on.”, as one member of the NDP put it. 

The part about employment insurance rules is what has the other parties up in arms. Bill C-4 abolishes the Canada Employment Insurance Financing Board and relinquishes control of emplyement insurance premiums and payouts to the Finance Minister, who is a Conservative, of course. After control is taken, the Conservatives have stated that they plan to freeze employment insurance premiums over the next 3 years, putting what they claim will be $660 million into the pockets of Canadian small businesses and workers.

Once again, however, the true benefit of this bill isn’t for the workers, its for the large employers. See, the Conservative party has been known to feed corporate interests.

Cut corporate taxes, and we see a boom in job creation and wage increases! It’s just economics!

But how many of you actually believe that the more money any corporation gets, the more jobs they create and the more the little guys get paid? I hope you don’t. Many companies are in love with the profit margin. And the bigger that margin is, the more they love it.

There are many pro-Conservative Canadians under the illusion that the corporations WANT us to have jobs and get paid reasonable wages. They reach down from their thrones and shake our hands and give us big piles of money.

I swear to you that this is NOT the case.

For those of you in Canada, I want to say something; politics isn’t private.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow.